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Best DNS for Netflix Streaming

Jan 7, 2017
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Without a doubt, Netflix is one of the most popular and loved on-demand video streaming services in the world. The problem is, Netflix allocates different content for each region. Netflix US so far has the best and most content, as compared to the other geographical regions. That is where smart DNS comes in. Smart DNS proxy servers enable you to unblock Netflix US regardless of your region, allowing you to access more amazing content.


Express VPN

This one of the best service among VPN users, guaranteed to please even streaming fanatics. Since it is based in the Virgin Islands, it is outside the jurisdiction of the U.S. and EU, data retention laws. It retains very few connection logs, something that you will highly appreciate if you care about your online privacy. Apart from that, it comes with various streaming-friendly features like blazing speeds, 3 simultaneous connections, as well as servers in more than 87 countries. Express VPN is always making efforts to get around Netflix’s attempts to restrict smart DNS services.

Smart DNS Proxy

Seychelles based company, which is leading the DNS service around the globe. It’s a part of Global Stealth Inc. and has been in the business for more than 20 years now. They are the ones which responded first to the demand for the faster and easier option than VPNs. As of now, Smart DNS Proxy is undoubtly the leading player in the DNS world, which continues to innovate and improve their service further.


SaferVPN offers fast and reliable Netflix unlocking services in various locations. It is one of the most professional services that unblocks Netflix, where others have failed. Apart from its modern server spoofing services, its website and apps are fantastic. Additionally, it is easy to use while providing you with some of the best services when it comes to privacy protection. SaferVPN is constantly working hard to ensure that they are the most reliable service when it comes to Netflix unlocking on all major regions including the UK and the US.


This service provides great smart DNS proxy options, for everyone looking to unblock Netflix US. It features an intuitive and easy user interface, making set easy and straightforward. Moreover, their support is highly trained and experienced, to guide you through the entire process, if you happen to encounter any problem. Unblock-Us is one of the few smart DNS services, that have managed to stay on top of the connectivity issues presented by Netflix. The service comes with an easy to understand guide, that takes you through the entire process of unblocking Netflix US. Its price is also competitive. You can even try the service for absolutely for free, for the first 7 days.


This is one of the few smartDNS service providers, that comes with ad blocking feature. It is perfect for those who are looking for a basic service that allows them to watch Netflix. It provides less channels, which means it is less powerful than its competitors in the list. Despite that, they have a large client base. More importantly, the service can be installed on Google Chrome as a plugin. The service is fast and allows you to switch regions quite easily. However, you will have to change the DNS settings manually. If you are looking for an affordable and simple service that unlocks more channels that what your Netflix currently offers, this is the one for you. It also comes with a free trial. You can give it a trial on your own, and see how it performs.

Bottom Line

Although Netflix operates in more than 50 countries around the world with over 58 million subscribers, the content can be quite thin and limited for some people in certain regions. Because of licensing restrictions, each country can only be able to access certain content. Some countries have been cut off completely. However, this is quite unfair, since US residents are given access to a substantially bigger content base. The good news is that you can now access stream content from Netflix U.S. using any of the above listed DNS.

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