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Best DNS for PS4

Jan 11, 2017
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It is estimated that close to 40% of all online TV and movie watchers stream using video game consoles. Playstation is a market leader when it comes to gaming consoles. It provides an extended library of apps, which gives you hundreds if not thousands of programming options from providers like NFL Network, Hulu Plus, Netflix and HBO. The main problem that arises when streaming from a gaming console is that some apps or channels are blocked, due to geographical location. The good news is that an inexpensive smart DNS can solve this issue, giving your PS4 unrestricted access to games from any country of your choice. So, which is the best DNS for PS4? Here are the options available.


Smart DNS Proxy

This company offers both smart DNS and a VPN service to all their consumers. However, when you consider their excellent support and software, it is clear that their primary focus is the smart DNS offering. This makes it a great choice for Playstation 4 users. The benefits you will enjoy from Smart DNS Proxy are not limited to your gaming console. They extend to your mobile device and laptop too. Check them out to see if they are perfect for your gaming needs.


CactusVPN offers over 136 unblocked channels in more than 4 countries. It is a fantastic VPN service, both for streaming video and for Playstation users. Their smartDNS is offered as a standalone package, with prices ranging from as low as $3.25, for those who show longer commitment. Their service is highly reliable, allowing smooth streaming of almost any channel or content that you would love. Although they don’t provide a setup guide for PS4, you will definitely get seamless access to all the games you want, regardless of your geographical location. In case you want to play restricted games that are geo-restricted, just use their VPN service. It provides you with a smooth transition between services. In case you feel that the VPN service is too much for gaming, just subscribe to the standalone smart DNS service. It is one of the best providers of DNS for PS4.


Unlocator is one of the newest smart DNS service providers in this industry. However, they provide a very reliable service for unlocking games in geo-restricted regions. Their services is well-rounded that provides you access to US Netflix streaming on various operating systems, including gaming consoles such as PS4. The only setback with their service is that they don’t provide automatic DNS settings. Therefore, you will have to do this manually. If you are still not convinced about this service, then you should use their free trial. Their service also comes with a money-back guarantee. In short, there are no risks involved.


This product from Server Management LLC is good news for all Playstation users. This company has been providing VPN services for more than 6 years. Therefore, they know what works and what does not. Being a top smart DNS provider, they only provide access from only one IP. If you love streaming from a Playstation, this service provides with almost everything you need. It is secure, reliable and efficient. They provide a great value for the money, something that is reflected in their free trial and the money-back guarantee, which is quite a rare combination. With their money back guarantee, you are assured of getting our money back within a certain period, if you are not satisfied with the service provided.


This is another great option for Playstation users, who want to access US television content. The service provides over 43 unblocked channels especially US based stations. Although they don’t provide such a wide range of unblocked channels, their service does not have downtimes. Loading speeds are also fast and excellent. The services is also available on Chrome, allowing you to change your location easily and quickly. Blockless provides great service as well as an ad blocker. Also included in their package is a VPN to combine with the smart DNS.

Uncle’s Word

Playstation is a nice platform for streaming TV shows and movies. They have a lot of apps and channels, which allow you to select thousands of content. With smart DNS proxies, you can increase the amount of shows available, by accessing any content that you want, from anywhere in the world. Each of the above listed service providers is great for Playstation users. Just choose the one that meets your needs.

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