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How Does Smart DNS Work

Jan 8, 2017
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A Smart DNS is a DNS server configured to direct consumers to a certain list of internet locations. In order to subscribe to the proxies listed on the DNS server, you have to subscribe to a smart DNS plan. Once you subscribe to one of the available services, you can then unlock content from one of the geo-restricted services as well as websites like Hulu, Netflix, WWE network, BBC or among others.


Smart DNS proxy servers enable clients like mobile devices or computers, to access popular websites that contain regional-restricted content. A connection between the site hosting the locked or restricted content and the client is established using a proxy server, hosted within the approved countries for downloading or streaming the content.

This allows the user to download or stream content that is usually blocked for accessing by individuals within that region. However, unlike VPNs, smart DNS proxies do not encrypt communications. Additionally, they don’t direct all internet traffic through the proxy. Instead, they direct traffic selectively for certain sites, especially for those of popular streaming sites and services through the proxy.

This capability is achieved through overriding selected DNS entries thus ensuring that the DNS query resolves to the proxy address, instead of using the real server. The good news is that smart DNS proxies only route the relevant information that you want to view. Any other information is rerouted elsewhere. Apart from protecting your private information, smart DNS proxies are also faster.

Compatibility and Setup

Smart DNS proxies don’t require users to install 3rd party software or applications on a computer or mobile device. This is one of their biggest advantages. They are compatible with mobile phones, Macs, tablets, gaming consoles, smart TVs and a host of other devices. Users can immediately region-blocked or restricted content after you have changed the DNS of your device, to connect with smart DNS servers. When it comes to installation, smart DNS proxies can be setup and installed across entire networks of laptops, desktop computers, smart televisions, mobile phone smart devices, as well as internet-enabled gaming consoles. Smart DNS proxies are also compatible with all mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Installing a Smart DNS proxy is easy. All you need to do is to register with a Smart DNS service provider. After that, you should proceed to change your DNS settings on your router or mobile device. The 3rd step involves connecting to a smart DNS server. When you have followed all the steps, you get unlimited access to content regardless of the geographical location.

Supported Services

Smart DNS proxies provide users with access to geo-restricted content by intercepting and re-routing information or data being exchanged through proxy servers situated within the area or region that has been given viewing permissions. When this happens, your IP will appear as if you are located in that country where the content you are trying to access is blocked. This gives you unlimited access to that content.

Each Smart DNS service or product on the market comes with different supported services or channels. This is mainly dependent on the server location, as well as various other factors. It is therefore advisable to check with your smart DNS service provider, to determine the services they provide, before subscribing. Having said that, some of the supported services include Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, BBC iPlayer, Hulu Plus and YouTube, just to name a few.

Is There a Difference between VPNs and Smart DNS proxies?

Smart DNS proxies are specifically made to unblock geographical and regional blocked content and websites. Unlike VPNs, smart DNS proxies don’t hide your IP or encrypt your data. However, they operate at higher speeds when streaming or downloading video or audio content to your capable device from the internet. On the other hand, a VPN encrypts your data thus reducing your connection speeds.

The question as to which one is better between the two services is not straightforward. Each product comes with advantages and disadvantages. Apart from that, each product is suited for a specific use and application.

Bottom Line

Smart DNS proxies give you access to geo-locked or location-blocked content. You no longer have to miss your favorite shows on Hulu, just because you are not based in the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, they are easy to use.

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