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Unblock Streaming Websites

Jan 10, 2017
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Internet content restrictions, popularly known as geo-blocking are commonly used by popular streaming websites. Geo-blocking or regional restrictions are used to prevent people from accessing or viewing exclusive content as they wish. In short, the popular streaming websites have reserved content regions. For example, if you are in Japan, you cannot watch Netflix. Additionally, if you are in the UK, you don’t have access to Hulu.

How Geo-blocking Works

Every single device that is connected to the internet comes with a unique IP address. Your local internet service provider usually provides IP addresses. Apart from that, IP addresses are unique to each device. They also contain specific data connected to the specific device that is being used to access the internet. This means that an IP address can be used to establish your location.

Therefore, when you visit a streaming website containing regional restricted content like Hulu or Netflix, the website first identifies your IP address before you get access to view, stream or download content on that site. Therefore, the website knows exactly where your request is coming from. If you want to access Netflix and you are not in a permitted zone, Netflix will show a message saying that the service is not in your country yet.

How to Unblock Streaming Websites

Regional restrictions or geo-blocking exclude users outside the permitted location from accessing exclusive content found on popular streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer,, WWE, and VH1, among others. As previously noted, this is based on the streaming website identifying the IP address of the user and determining whether the IP address is within the permitted location.

Therefore, any method that masks, alters, hides or changes your IP address can be used to access these streaming websites. If it is that easy, how comes everyone is not doing it? Well, although methods of masking IP were very effective, Netflix and other geo-blocked streaming websites have cracked down on this, effectively nullifying some methods. Therefore, you will require a provider who knows how to get around such issues, to ensure that you don’t miss out on your favorite content. You can unblock streaming websites using two main methods.

  • Unblocking using a virtual private network (VPN)
  • Bypassing regional restrictions using smart DNS proxy

Using VPNs

Previously, viewers who wanted to access geo-restricted content would turn to a VPN, to bypass regional restrictions imposed by streaming websites. However, this technology is now outdated for this purpose. You will obviously end up with very poor user or viewing experience if you opt to utilize a VPN.

A VPN has to reroute all the internet traffic emanating from your device through its servers, in order to circumvent regional restrictions and provide you with access to the blocked content. This means that all internet traffic from your device, has to be changed and encrypted to unblock content. This will definitely affect the performance of the device you are using.

If you use VPNs to hide your IP address, you will realize that your device will respond much slower. In short, a slow-working device is definitely not perfect for streaming HD content. Therefore, a VPN is not an ideal choice for unblocking streaming websites.

Using Smart DNS Proxy

This is one of the newest and most advanced methods for unblocking streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu. Only the data required to establish your geographical location should be sent and then rerouted via a smart DNS proxy. This allows you to unblock content from basically everywhere around the world.

When using a smart DNS proxy server, your device, as you well as the speed of your internet connectivity will not be affected if you chose a smart DNS proxy server to access geo-restricted content. Another major benefit of using smart DNS proxy servers is that they are compatible with most internet-enabled devices and operating systems.


With a wide range of streaming services locking out millions of people from accessing content using geo-blocking, a smart DNS seems like the best solution. It provides access to all restricted content and thus essentially unlocking websites. According to CHOICE, an Australian consumer group, it is legal to use proxy servers to access blocked content, since there are no laws currently governing the use of proxies to bypass regional content restrictions. Additionally, you don’t have to be a tech wizard to use smart DNS proxies to unlock streaming websites.

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